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Update: Site

I've changed the way news articles are published on the site in order to be able to offer permanent links to each article independently. The link for a given article is on the small yellow cross on the left of the article title
For example for this article the permalink is https://www.anerty.net/news/20180323T0645Z.

When an article is translated, each of its traductions can also be permalinked independently by first choosing a language by clicking on its flag, then by clicking on the link on the yellow cross on the left of the article title. For example for this article, the permalink for a specific translation is:
- For the English version: https://www.anerty.net/news/20180323T0645Z?lang=en.
- For the French version: https://www.anerty.net/news/20180323T0645Z?lang=fr.