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Update: DriveSort v1.223

There should be a small performance improvement during the disk opening with this version, since I deferred some code which was only useful to the file properties dialog and took some time when confronted to many files, or big files.

Apart from that, given the number of bugs I found last time, I realized that it's nice to fix all that stuff, but then you need to keep up to date to benefit from it. There was no way to tell if the version you were running was the latest without having a look at this website, which might be a pain. I decided to include a new background task which checks if DriveSort is up to date. If it's not the case, it informs you of the new version, and allow you to go directly to the download page. By default, this checks are activated and performed at most once a week during DriveSort startup.

If you want to disable the update checks, or change their frequency, or manually launch an update check, you can do so from a new submenu "Updates..." in the mysterious menu on the right ("?").

If you have a firewall, it might ask you whether to allow DriveSort to connect to the Net. To help you set that up, here is what DriveSort does when it check for updates:

  • DriveSort asks the IP address of the www.anerty.net server, through a DNS request.
  • Once it found out where that is, it tries to connect to it on the TCP port 80 (HTTP)
  • It then requests the following URL: /software/file/DriveSort/?style=ver&curVer=1.222&curLang=0409.You can check it out if you want, there's only the application name and a version number for now. Later I might add some other stuff, that's why I added two parameters describing the version you're running. It'll allow to distinguish between critical and minor updates, and to redirect you to the traduction you had.
    • curVer is the program version you have (1.222 in this example)
    • curLang is a Windows language code which meands "French (France)" for 040c or "English (US)" for 0409
  • If DriveSort receives something ("DriveSort v1.222"), it checks if it's up to date, otherwise it tries a second time, and if it still doesn't work it informs you about not being able to get the version, and drops the matter until the next update check.