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New Program: jSAVF

Well, it's not really a *new* program, since I've started coding this at least two years ago, and I already spread it somewhat at my current work and at one of its client.

This program enables you to read IBM iSeries (formerly AS/400) save files on Windows, linux, or whatever you're working on provided it has a fairly recent Java Runtime Environment (v1.5 and above). It might be useful if you need to check what's inside a SAVF just before mailing it to a client, or if you want to extract a file from a SAVF without having to upload the whole SAVF on an iSeries.

Since this version is fairly stable, I'm coding a new version which will improve the performance (multithread, lazy analysis, ...) and reduce the memory usage (unpacking on disk, ...). With some luck I will at last have an occasion to port my prototypes for *MEDIUM and *HIGH unpacking from REXX to Java to manage these compression methods.