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BugFix & Update: jSAVF 1.82

This version adds an extractor for bytestream objects stored in IFS saves (*STMF), which only extracts the data of such objects. The extractor performs no CCSID conversion because at the moment I'm not sure wheteher these objects retain such information, and I've seen binary contents for Zip files, ASCII, and EBCDIC so it's preferable to preserve the original bytes until I find a reliable way to tell their encoding. Once extracted if the the data proves to be EBCDIC it can always be converted later using programs such as iconv with the appropriate source code page: iconv -f cp037 -t utf8 your_stmf.txt > your_stmf.utf8.txt

This version also fixes a minor bug:

The size of IFS bytestream objects was displayed without rounding it to the nearest KB, so small files usually ended up being displayed with a size of 0. The hover still displayed the correct byte size, but it could have mislead people into thinking there was no data in there. The table now rounds the size to the nearest KB so for bytestreams with more than 500 bytes it should display 1 instead of 0.

If you encounter any issue with this version don't hesitate to reach out to me.