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BugFix & Update: jSAVF 1.81

This version improves upon the experimental source extraction from programs by adding support for CLP programs, which seem to include in their associated space the same kind of source information found in debug views of CLLE programs (probably for the RTVCLSRC command), but also includes the source CCSID so it's probably more reliable for internationalized source text.

This version also fixes a bug:

The about dialog was showing two red question marks instead of the link to this site since I'm using Swing's ability to instantiate objects in HTML (using a syntax such as <object classid="...), and that's now disabled by default in recent Java versions. I've allowed it for now using the swing.html.object java system property, but I'll review that for potential security issues.

I've also updated the jSAVF dependencies and the embedded JRE bundled in the installable version for Windows. jSAVF needs a Java 21 version or better.

If you encounter any issue with this version don't hesitate to reach out to me.