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Update: Site

I just finished rewriting the site in a cleaner PHP, with some valid HTML, some layout changes, and a real host (OVH). I still have some things to change to ease the navigation, and hope you'll apreciate the changes.


BugFix: DriveSort v1.214

After a long pause, I'm back with a patch for DriveSort, following a bug report from Jan-Eric (thanks :]). This bug triggered a rampant memory allocation in some cases on disks bigger than 4 GB. The bug is now fixed, and I used this opportunity to add a bit more progress report when opening the directory table, since on big volumes, it stood stuck for a while at 80%.


BugFix & Update: DriveSort v1.213

This version fixes a bug which didn't allow to change the short file name on the settings dialog while in playlist mode.

It also includes the first draft of a SETTINGS.DAT file parser. This file is used on many MP3 Players based on Sigmatel STMP 3410 chip, like the IBead, the JOS or clones to store the user settings. At the moment it only analyses the syntax and outputs a log describing the fields inside the SETTINGS.DAT. This output is accessible through a button in the file properties of files looking like a SETTINGS.DAT on the player.

A future release of DriveSort will most likely enable you to import/export most of your settings (FM Presets, Equalisers, common settings...) between different firmware revisions, and to adjust them manually through a control panel.


Update: DriveSort final version 2: Reload

It seems v1.211 won't be the last version then.

New in v1.212: Added a file properties dialog allowing to change file attributes (read only, archive, hidden, system) and timestamps (creation, last write, last access), available through the popup-menu for multi selection or doubleclick on single files. To save the changes made using this dialog, save the folder containing the files whose attributes were modified. To cancel the changes, simply don't save the folder before closing the disk.