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Update: ProcPatcher HexEditor

The hex editor is becoming usable. I have implemented the selection and the hexadecimal & text copy operations.


Update: ProcPatcher memory viewer

First part of the process memory hex-editor is done, now you can look at what's inside your processes address space (still no way to poke at it, i'll probably do this for the next update).


Update: DriveSort Playlist mode

I have added a new mode to DriveSort which enables you to easily organize your mp3 and wma files by dragging them to the position of your choice.


Update: AnCrypt key generation

The old key generation algorithm was lame (pass-phrase xored with a fixed key) so i made a better one using recent hash algorithms (MD5 & SHA1). This release v1.02 should now be quite safe, but it's not backwards compatible with the previous versions.