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BugFix & Update: DriveSort v1.218

This version now correctly enforces the FAT constraints on '.' and '..' directories, which must always be on top of a directory name table.

I also forgot to enable tooltips on the tool bar, so it might have been confusing when I was talking about a sort button...


Update: DriveSort v1.217

This version brings some new options to configure the way the FAT is sorted:

  • Choice of sort order :
    • Ascending order, a file named aaaa.txt will be stored in the name table before one named aaab.txt. [Default]
    • Descending order (aaab.txt before aaaa.txt)
  • Choice of folder layout :
    • Before the files: Groups the folders together at the top of the name table, and sorts the files separately.
    • After the files: Groups the folders after the files, and sorts the files separately. [Default]
    • Mixed with the files: No difference between files and folders, they are all sorted together.

These options are available in the sort popup menu, on the right of the sort icon.


Update: DriveSort v1.216

Happy new Year !

This version brings new icons, I was fed up with the old ones. I got those in a great free collection available there: famfamfam, thanks by the way :)

I came back to my old compiler, so those having trouble with DLLs when trying to launch DriveSort should no longer be bothered about them. As usual, if you have some trouble, my mail is below.


BugFix & Update: DriveSort v1.215

This version fixes a bug reported by Brian, who gets my thanks.

This bug blocked the recursive save of the root folder to one level (just the root folder), but did not happen when saving any other folder.

Since I was once more in the sources, I brought some changes to the automatic save of the playlist mode, which is triggered after each drag-n-drop operation when that option is checked. From now on, this automatic save will no longer care if the subfolders save option is active. In effect, it makes the playlist mode much faster, since it only saves what has just changed, not the whole directory tree from where we made the change.
This was what made the playlist mode so slow when I just moved one album before another on the 2GB SD Card of my Sony-Ericsson K750i.